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Fall Newsletter 2018

Read our latest newsletter here:

Lukas brochure October 2018 1

The Lukas Community

Every successful individual knows that his or
her achievement depends on a community of
persons working together. Rudolf Steiner
This past year, The Lukas Community has celebrated many wonderful changes, all while supporting
our residents to realize their full potential and pursue their dreams. We are a community that remains true
to our core values of respect and dignity for each human being. As we move through the seasons, I am more
thankful for the love, dedication and commitment our residents have to each other and to all of us. It is for
them we are together; and with them our lives are fuller and richer.
But we cannot meet the challenges of the future without your help. To those who have contributed
in the past, your support has made a positive difference to the health and well being of The Lukas
Community, and all who live and work here. Your donations not only support our heartfelt work serving the
adults with developmental challenges in our care, but are also investments in everyone who touches Lukas
and have their lives changed forever. We hope that you will continue your support this year. To those of
you who have yet to offer your help, please join our circle of support by making a contribution today.
Thank you in advance for joining with us in making the Lukas Community a special place for special
people. Your tax-exempt gift will be used solely for their benefit.
Enjoy the photos and musings on these pages; and I invite you to visit The Lukas Community to
experience our day to day celebrations.
Kristen Stanton, Executive Director
Fall 2018
The Lukas world is a little slower and
more predictable. It’s full of kind
people who have time – well – who
make time for John. At Lukas, John is
accepted as he is, and he is at peace.
When we talk about our brother, we
find ourselves telling people that he
is in the perfect environment.
Rather than asking him to change to
fit to the world we live in, it’s
Lukas who has changed the world
just a little for John.
Sarah and Becket, sisters of John
The Lukas Community Page 2
The care for our
residents, which is the
center of our work, is
deeply rewarding, as
each of them brings such
a wide range of beautiful
qualities, challenges and
gifts to our community.
To learn to work as a
team with the other nine
highly gifted, deeply
caring and dedicated
coworkers and leaders is
an honor and a great joy.
Mathias, houseparent at
Echo Farm
Daniel has grown and thrived at Lukas. This is his
home, and he is always looking forward to
When you visit one of the residences, you are
struck immediately by the “family” feeling that the
residents share. House parents, volunteers and
residents forge strong bonds and their affection
and concern for one another is abundantly evident,
as is the sense of comradery throughout the
Herb and Arleen, parents of Dan
Wool is an amazing substance.
Uniquely warm, water-repellent,
and even anti-bacterial. When
formed by human labor into fabric it
creates a protective layer that
nurtures and sustains us, as it has
done for millennia.
As we work with wool in the
weavery at The Lukas Community,
transforming it into garments and
objects both useful and beautiful, I
think of these qualities and to me
they provide a picture of how a
group of individuals can be
transformed into a community.
Single strands of wool are thin and
easily broken; when spun into yarn
or worked into felt, tiny scales of
their surface enable them to lock
together into a web that is
impressively strong, yet still flexible
and malleable. Different fibers
contribute their own character to
the whole, beautifully
complementing and
completing each other. Our
weaving is symbolic to the
philosophy of Lukas, and portrays
how our residents, co-workers
and volunteers mesh together.
How appropriate it is, then, that
wool is the one material in our
weavery that we can experience
from its very beginnings, from
growing it on the sheep that graze
our meadows, through shearing,
sorting, washing, picking, carding,
spinning and finally weaving it
into the final products that we are
so proud to display. So if anyone
wonders why we still work with
such old-fashioned substances
and tools, I invite them to come
into our weavery and learn from
the residents. To have joy in
one’s work and do it in the service
of others, is the secret of life. The
products we create belong to all
of us, and we gladly share them
with the world.
Lory Widmer Hess, The Lukas
Weaving Together at The Lukas Community
Page 3
The Lukas Community is a wonderful place for Rima. Happiness is a
task with a reachable goal when you find the right place and the right
I think my daughter Rima has found both. The co-workers are kind,
they understand Rima and they constantly encourage her in doing
and completing the many activities offered there. This is helped Rima
to develop and mature into a stronger person.
Joseph, father of Rima
Phone: 603-878-4796
I plan to work in a social profession in the future, and I
wanted to gain practical experience before beginning
my studies. The reason why I am came here is simple
to explain, but the experience that I have every day is
indescribable. There are challenges that ask for
solutions, but people can find these solutions
together. That fascinates me a lot. Here at Lukas we
share each other’s needs and special qualities. This
community is very warm and lovely, and I think that
there is no one who wouldn’t feel well here.
I experienced a wholeness of life.
Myriam (former volunteer)
Volunteers come to Lukas to provide a year of community service. Our striving is for them to receive, in
return, life lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.
Online donations can be made by going to our
and then click on the online donation site of your
choice. Donor advised funds, appreciated stock,
ongoing gifts and Legacy gifts are also appreciated.
Donations can be made by
sending a check to:
The Lukas Community
PO Box 137
Temple, NH 03084
A special thank you to the Lukas Board of Trustees:
Lloyd “Butch” Walker (President) James Potter Herb Zuckerman
John Kieley (Treasurer) Becket McNab Kristen Stanton (Vice President)
Arleen Zuckerman (secretary) Lincoln Geiger

NH Open Doors on Nov. 3 and 4

Our weavery will be open to visitors as part of NH Open Doors – come see! We’ll have beeswax candles, wooden ware,handwoven goods including table runners, bags for everything from knitting to books to treasures, and rugs to tickle your toes  – all made in our workshops. Buy local this year – we are happy to ship items to your door.

37 Memorial Highway, Temple NH  Open 9-4, Nov. 3 & 4, 2018

NH Open Doors Nov. 3-4, 2018


Take the NH Open Doors Tour and experience
the best New Hampshire has to offer.
Enjoy special events, including craft demonstrations
and workshops, food samplings, special menus
with local foods, and more.
November 3 – 4, 2018
Visit our website to plan your tour today.
A New Hampshire
Shopping & Touring Event
November 3-4, 2018
visit my location at:

The Weavery at 37 Memorial Highway in Temple, NH.

Open 9-4 both days. Weaving, rugs, candles, woodworking.

A Comfortable New Place to Stay

There’s a wonderful old house in Wilton, not far from here, that has been renovated and outfitted into a lovely place to stay for a few nights or longer. From their brochure: “The house was designed and built for Judge George F. Bales in the early 1900s…” “Grand, yet intimate, it boasts soaring 10-foot ceilings and original detailing throughout – including the ‘grand front porch’ with 16 mini pillars.” Three sumptuous rooms, each with its history upstairs, and lovely living room and entertainment spaces downstairs. Air conditioning. Hosted by Kathryn Rockwood, who lived in Temple for many years. For more information, you may find them on Facebook at 34 Park, and on Airbnb.

Household Caregivers

We have openings for household caregivers to start this summer. Generous benefits. Private apartment provided, many living expenses covered, additional monthly stipend. Perfect for a young couple or small family, also perfect for a single person. Bring your skills and interests – we’d love to have you. Send letter of interest and resume to Kristen Stanton, PO Box 137, Temple, NH 03084 or email

24 Hours to Help Us Make History| NH Gives

We need your help! The weather is changing, and the autumn temperatures are staying warm late into the season. This is lovely… except that our root cellars have not cooled down, either, by harvest time and we can’t safely store the baskets and bushels of vegetables and other produce from our gardens and orchards. Reluctant to let all of these wonderful things rot away, we discovered a cost-effective solution: Build an insulated walk-in cooler in the root cellar space using a CoolBot. ( for less than half of the cost of a commercial unit. We have joined NH Gives so you can help us bring in the $3000 and we can build it this year! Please tell your friends and family members about this special project and ask them to join us in helping to feed our community members and families.

Get ready to give! On June 6-June 7, starting at 6PM on June 6, visit and make a donation to The Lukas Community. You will have 24 hours to make your donation, and all giving will end at 6:00PM on June 7.

Questions? If you have any questions or would like more information, let us know. or 603-878-4796. Thank you in advance for all that you do to help us feed our residents and coworkers!

Live-In Houseparents Needed Before June

Ready for something new? The Lukas Community is looking for caring, responsible adults who, as house parents in one of our extended -family households, are ready and willing to step in to assist our individuals with disabilities. We are happy to have couples, single people, and small families join our community of residents, staff, and volunteers.

Each of these remarkable people helps to provide a rich therapeutic environment through activities such as gardening, animal care, crafts, cooking, music and movement. Previous experience is welcome though not a requirement. what are your special interests? A private apartment and food from our own organic garden are  provided along with a monthly stipend, health ans retirement benefits, 4 – 6 weeks of vacation per year and tuition aid for school-aged children.

If this sounds interesting to you or to someone you know, please go to our website for more information For other questions, please contact Kristen Stanton: or (603) 878-4796.

Perfect for retired teachers and nurses, and for parents whose children are in school. Please let people know we are looking!