24 Hours to Help Us Make History| NH Gives

We need your help! The weather is changing, and the autumn temperatures are staying warm late into the season. This is lovely… except that our root cellars have not cooled down, either, by harvest time and we can’t safely store the baskets and bushels of vegetables and other produce from our gardens and orchards. Reluctant to let all of these wonderful things rot away, we discovered a cost-effective solution: Build an insulated walk-in cooler in the root cellar space using a CoolBot. (https://www.storeitcold.com) for less than half of the cost of a commercial unit. We have joined NH Gives so you can help us bring in the $3000 and we can build it this year! Please tell your friends and family members about this special project and ask them to join us in helping to feed our community members and families.

Get ready to give! On June 6-June 7, starting at 6PM on June 6, visit https://www.nhgives.org and make a donation to The Lukas Community. You will have 24 hours to make your donation, and all giving will end at 6:00PM on June 7.

Questions? If you have any questions or would like more information, let us know. lukas@lukascommunity.org or 603-878-4796. Thank you in advance for all that you do to help us feed our residents and coworkers!

Live-In Houseparents Needed Before June

Ready for something new? The Lukas Community is looking for caring, responsible adults who, as house parents in one of our extended -family households, are ready and willing to step in to assist our individuals with disabilities. We are happy to have couples, single people, and small families join our community of residents, staff, and volunteers.

Each of these remarkable people helps to provide a rich therapeutic environment through activities such as gardening, animal care, crafts, cooking, music and movement. Previous experience is welcome though not a requirement. what are your special interests? A private apartment and food from our own organic garden are  provided along with a monthly stipend, health ans retirement benefits, 4 – 6 weeks of vacation per year and tuition aid for school-aged children.

If this sounds interesting to you or to someone you know, please go to our website for more information www.lukascommunity.org. For other questions, please contact Kristen Stanton: lukas@community.org. or (603) 878-4796.

Perfect for retired teachers and nurses, and for parents whose children are in school. Please let people know we are looking!


Positions Available, Full and Part-time

The Lukas Community, a small residential community, located in beautiful rural Temple, NH is looking for caring, responsible adults who – as house parents in one of our extended -family households, or as single co-workers – find meaning and fulfillment in sharing their lives and daily work with individuals in need of special care.

We strive to provide a supportive environment in which each individual can unfold their special gifts while we try to meet their particular needs by creating a rich therapeutic environment including activities such as gardening, animal care, crafts, cooking, music and movement, to name just a few. Previous experience would be welcome but is not a requirement. Accommodation and food from our own organic garden will be provided along with a monthly stipend, health benefits, tuition aid for parents with school aged children, and 4 – 6 weeks of vacation per year.

If you are interested to learn more about us, view our website www.lukascommunity.org. For questions and further information, please contact Kristen Stanton: lukas@community.org. or call the office at (603) 878-4796.

We’re also looking for part time people to come a few days a week to help as our residents grow older. Perfect for retired teachers and nurses, and for parents whose children are in school. Please let people know we are looking!

Thank you!


A Few Things from Our Wish List…

Wish List

We’d love to have your help with a few things:

  • 25-30 bales of good hay for the animals (every year)
  • 2 new swivel desk chairs
  • Plastic laundry sink for washing wool and woven goods –  ours is cracked, and  leaks water all over the floor
  • Replace bathroom counters and sinks in Echo Farm
  • Grab bars in bathrooms and hallways to help with aging in place

Please contact Kristen at 603-878-4796 or lukas(at)lukascommunity.org. Thank you!

Coworkers/Houseparents Needed Now – Please Share!

Join Us as a Co-Worker – to start now or before June

The Rudolf Steiner inspired Lukas Community serves the lifelong needs of those adults with developmental challenges. We seek healthy, compassionate individuals, couples and small families to live with and help care for our residents in beautiful, well appointed extended-family homes as well as to provide leadership and participation in our therapeutic programs. These programs include arts and crafts workshops, organic gardening, animal care, movement therapy and swimming as well as participation in a variety of cultural and recreational activities in the acclaimed Monadnock area.

Houseparents are co-workers who have taken on the responsibility for the management of a household. Essentially, they lead a house community of individuals with disabilities, other support co-workers and volunteers while creating a supportive and nurturing home environment. The houseparents provide training and guidance in direct care and household duties. They are also responsible for administration of medications, state licensing requirements and household repairs and finances.

Applicants should be self-motivated and work well with others. High school diploma required, experience with developmentally disabled preferred. No history of substance abuse or prior criminal record. References required.

To apply:

Click here to download an application:
Application for Employment

and email it with a resume and cover letter to: lukas@lukascommunity.org

or mail the completed application, with cover letter and resume to:

The Lukas Community
PO Box 137
Temple, NH 03084 USA

Harvest Festival!!

On a beautiful day in October, we celebrated the harvest and all the people who make it happen, as well as friends from near and far, parents, guardians, former co-workers, children, and the retirement of Heidi and David after more than 26 years leading the Lukas Community.

Presented awards..

Made musicWith bells,   strings

and songs.Played with the babies and

Celebrated service and families and life at the Lukas Community, Fall 2017

Come See What We’ve Been Doing!

Our weaving studios are open from 10 to 4 on each of these days, and we’ll have woven scarves, bags, rugs, and hats, and candles, candle holders, other woodworking items, hand-bound books, knitted and felted items, and a variety of other beautiful things.
37 Memorial Highway, Temple, NH.
For more about NH Open Doors, go to www.nhopendoors.com.
We hope to see you there!