Volunteer Openings

We’re seeing a change in the way our volunteers come to us, with more people choosing to come for only six months. For most of our existence, we have had a cohort of wonderful new high school graduates arrive together at the beginning of August, and depart at the beginning of the following August. However, for a variety of reasons, this is changing. We have recently had people coming at all times of year, to stay for six or nine or twelve months. This greatly increases the time we spend on training, interviewing, inviting, and preparing for prospective volunteers, and filling the gaps between the comings and goings, which is time we’re not spending on enriching the lives and daily routines of our residents. So we have decided to change our acceptance windows to volunteers coming for six to twelve months, to start in February or August only. We do have a few more openings for February, 2020. Interested? Please fill out the application at “Join Us”!