Grateful for von Weber, de Nicola, and Billings Trusts

We are grateful to have received a $7500 grant from the Madelaine G. von Weber Trust, $1000 from the Ann de Nicola Trust, and $4000 from the Mary Louise Billings Trust. These are all going toward replacing aging roofs and windows, to keep more of the weather outside where it belongs. Many thanks go out to all who have helped us creep closer to this goal.

Thanks to the Samuel P Hunt Foundation!

We are so grateful to the Samuel P Hunt Foundation for their recent grant! It means we can repair the roof of our Birch House so it doesn’t leak when it rains. The work will start soon, and the residents of this house will be so much happier to have this problem over and done with! Thanks!

We are pursuing grants to repair other roofs and windows, including most of the newer windows in the newer houses, which were inappropriate for our climate and are falling apart. We are accepting donations in every amount to help with the costs of this big project, including crowdfunding of various sorts, and other creative fundraisers. If you’d like to help us, we would be grateful to you and everyone who helps you achieve your goal!